Gold Crown Capital, LLC is an independent investment advisor focused on providing high-quality, sustainable investment strategies to clients globally. We take a fresh approach to understanding the economy and investing internationally that is not overly influenced by traditional economic views. Our CEO, Cooper G. Thomson, has been consistent in communicating this investment approach on Social Media, YouTube, and his Weekly Livestreams. Our views on the world economy and investing are anchored by the belief that true wealth is created through savings, capital investment, and productivity growth. Investors are starting to realize that their exposure in various countries and currencies, if applied regardless of fundamentals, can be a very risky approach to asset allocation and investing. Understanding these fundamentals and their appropriate application is where Gold Crown Capital excels. We are dedicated to serving our clients interests by putting in more hours than any other Investment company on the market. Our team is young and hungry. Although we might not have as many years serving clients as our competitors, that does not mean we don't have better resources and strategies to help our clients portfolios out preform any other fund. We are committed to uphold the best customer service for our clients, never leaving them in the dark as to what is going on with their accounts. We make sure to keep in constant communication with all of our investors to ensure there satisfaction with our service. Our mission is to provide consistent stable growth through patience and risk management within the foreign exchange, crypto and commodity markets.

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Cooper G. Thomson began his investment journey in 2014 when he discovered leveraged Bitcoin trading. He spent his free time after school doing research into the crypto exchange market and fell in love with investing. After 2 years of studying, he finally began to take his first steps into opening a trading account and began working on growing his portfolio. After only 2 months of investing Cooper started to see a massive return on his account of over 250% and decided to ask his family for an investment of their own on which they were more than happy to provide. After another 6 months, Bitcoin started to skyrocket and he was able to make his family a profit of over one million dollars. Unfortunately this is where the story take a turn for the worse. When Cooper made a withdrawal request to his broker, they stopped all communication and left him and his family with nothing. This destroyed Cooper not only because he put so much time and energy into the venture, but also because he lost a big chunk of his parents money. After taking a couple months to find himself, he got the courage to get back into investing. This time with a focus on the foreign exchange and commodity markets. He found a trustworthy reputable broker and a highly skilled mentor that helped guide his trading journey into consistent profits once again. Following this, after 2 years of developing a winning investment strategy of his own, he decided to open his own capital management company and try to help both low and high net worth individuals take advantage of the highly profitable crypto, commodity and foreign exchange markets. Cooper has made it his life's work to provide Gold Crown Capital clients with a positive investing experience, taking the hassle and stress out of growing your own portfolio.

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