How do I set up an account with Gold Crown Capital?

To set up an account with Gold Crown Capital you need to contact us through our email goldcrowncapital@gmail.com and set up an appointment to see if you can qualify for an account.

How does Gold Crown Capital make money?

At Gold Crown Capital the only way we make money, is if you make money. We take anywhere between 20-50% of the account profits (depending on the investment size) at the end of the clients chosen profit liquidation period.

Do you accept clients outside of the United States?

Yes. Gold Crown Capital accepts both low and high net worth individuals from all countries. As long as you qualify for an investment account, it does not matter what country you are investing from. 

Who will manage my investment account?

After you have been approved for an account, you will be given a dedicate portfolio manager that will make investments and manage your account on your behalf.

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